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The executive team of Madrugada

managing director, CFO Olaf Grebe
managing director, CTO   Holger Antelmann

Olaf Grebe

Olaf Grebe is managing director of Madrugada GmbH since 2004 and is responsible for the finance and legal operations. As a fully qualified layer, he also handles to more companies in the position of a managing director, next to Madrugada.

Holger Antelmann

Holger Antelmann joined Madrugada in 2005 as managing director in charge of the technical operations. After mastering in computer-sciene and business administration at the European Business School, he worked at different companies as a Systems Engineer & Consultant and later as Product Manager for companies like Landeskreditkasse zu Kassel, Object Design and Versant. Between 1998 and 2002 Holger Antelmann also worked in San Francisco, where he gathered invaluable experience during the times of the Internet-Boom in the software industry, which he incorporates in his work at Madrugada today.