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The roots of Madrugada GmbH go back to 1996. In this year, the IT-departement of a large cooperation was gradually transformed to a self-sufficient entity.

After the enclosing company (which has focused on building individual interior fittings for larger cooperations like Alliany, Datev, Deutsche Bundestag, etc.) was taken over by the Aug. Gundlach Group (having its focus in supplies for the automobile industry as well as clay graphite and silicon carbide crucibles for non-ferrous metals over decades), Madrugada GmbH finally became an independent software company.

Through the influence of the Aug. Gundlach Group with its vast resources and world-wide business contacts, Madrugada GmbH quickly became an international operating software company. Using its business relationships, Madrugada developed and deployed individual software for solutions tailored to the exact needs of its customers worldwide.

Through further globalization - as well as the addition of Holger Antelmann as managing director since 2005 - Madrugada GmbH today also maintains business relationships to development partners in the USA (Metascale) as long as other local partners, widening the range of solutions available to customers substantially.

Today, Madrugada GmbH offers flexible frameworks which provide customers with individual solutions to their specific problems. Along with our partners we are able to cover a wide range of custom tailored solutions.