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Directions (headquarters)

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by car

Leave the route A7 on exit "Hann.Münden-Hedemünden" and follow the route B80 towards Heiligenstadt, Witzenhausen, Hann.Münden-Hedemünden. Stay on this road until you enter Witzenhausen. Follow the main road (Mündener Str.) until you cross the river "Werra" and then make a right (still following the main road - now being "An der Schlagd"). Keep going straight on this street while you cross a traffic light, and pass a bus stop. Eventually, you have to make a turn to your right at an intersection, where you see an "Aral"-gas station (which you'll leave to your left, then); you are still following the main traffic, here. At the next Intersection, turn left towards "Bad Sooden-Allendorf, Wendershausen" and make another left directly thereafter; keep to your right when making the left turn, though (you'll leave a "Plus"-supermarket to your left). Follow the road (parallel to the one you made the left-turn from) until it makes a left corner. You are now in the desination road. Drive until you reach an underpass labeled "Louis Steinfeld".

by public transportation

"Witzenhausen Nord" is the nearest train station to our headquarters; it is located between the two major ICE-train-stations of "Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe" and "Göttingen". From there, it's about 2.5 kilometers to our company. You may take a bus bringing you to the stop "Berufsschule", which is near by (that's a business school).