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Software development tailored to the individual customer's needs

With the development of individual software solutions we particularly target companies that cannot afford big monolithic standard software along with its necessary (often excessively expensive) adjustments to solve the problems at hand.

For those who - despide of the associated cost elsewhere - do not want to give up on the advantages of modern IT-solutions focusing on the individual business work flow, we provide the solution.

We are using innovative technologies to ensure that the software developed today can smoothly adopt to tomorrow's requirements. In addition, we don't just focus on the software itself, but also on those who use it; i.e. we ensure that you are properly trained to effectively put the technology to its use.

Together with our partners we can also tackle larger-scale problems to provide the solution that fits.

Below you find an abbreviated list of topics that we have already addressed successfully for our customers.

  • warehouse systems for small businesses
  • inventory management
  • cash registration systems
  • production planning systems
  • client-server oriented software to optimize business workflow
  • working time conrolling systems
  • callcenter software

We are looking forward to talking to you about what service we can provide for your business. Please contact us at any time.