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Individual Software-Development

a short list of our last software projects


Even though Madrugada GmbH is primarly focused on the development of individual software solutions, we also have existing software packages which can be readily deployed in your company to immediately increase productivity.

Often, we work together with distributors who bring in their domain knowledge of a specific vertical. We then develop software solutions specific to their market as opposed to an individual customer. This way, these solutions are very cost-effective to the end-user in the given market segment and are distributed through the people who know that segment best.

Below you find a short list of only some of the latest software projects we have developed.


MSA is a comprehensive Production Planning & Controlling system (PPS in German), which has been developed specifically for companies with multiple production stages. Through the modularity of the software, it can easily be adapted to other companies's needs. The solution includes a wide spectrum of functionality, practically allowing to represent the entire workflow within the system.

  • supply list management
  • manage incoming delivery notes
  • manage incoming invoices
  • resource planning (machine dispositions etc.)
  • production step management with temporary storage facilities
  • production time scheduling
  • oder entry
  • production schedule check
  • resource scheduling
  • price calculation
  • accounts receivable
data management
  • customer records
  • vendor records
  • product management
  • contact lists
  • price list maintenance
  • product catalog
  • production project properties
  • shipment control
  • delivery note management
  • produced product inventory


MKS is a warehouse management and cash register system for smaller businesses. It offers great flexibility and is thus eaily adaptable to specific verticals.

the following vertical solutions exist:

  • MKS Coiffeur
  • MKS Juwelier
  • MKS Optiker
  • MKS Kiosk

the system covers the following areas:

  • transaction processing
  • cash journal
  • customer contacts
  • warehouse management
  • appointment scheduling

Despite its wide-ranging functionality and flexibility, MKS specifically excels in its ease-of-use (also allowingthe use of barcode scanners, for example) , allowing any user to take advantage of the system within very little time. In addition, the software allows to be individualized for each user working with it (incl. user rights and custom keys).

As the software is developed with Java™, it can be deployed on a variety of operating systems and is even readily available different languages.


MCall is an outbound callcenter solution, wich allows to create calling scripts in a special editor (storing the data in XML); these scripts can be used when calling through a contact list. By using the script, the user not only has a perfect guide through the call, it also ensures to obtain a fully qualified calling profile for every contact, which can be analysed through flexible database management.


MTime is a simple PC-based working-time registration system, allowing for multiple differnet PCs in a network to be used as punch-card terminals for all employees to be monitored.